“Why would we need help?
Don’t we just log in and initiate a domain Registrar Transfer?
Can’t we just move our website to any other host without any problems?”

Many Network Solutions Customers report retribution when trying to move domains or websites!

NetSolThis is an unusual article to be sure. It might seem self-serving because we offer hosting services to law firms, but it is not. Folks need to be warned. Hosting is a convenience for us and makes providing regular maintenance for our website clients much easier and less costly. Hosting is not a profit center for us. We are always happy to suggest to law firms and businesses where they can find competent and capable hosting services. In fact, we will add one or two links to our top 3 web hosting companies at the extreme bottom of this article if you have no directed interest in us hosting your site{s). We have lots of internal experience and collective experience of 1,000’s of our clients over the years. But for us to single out a single Registrar and Hosting Company so as to WARN OUR CLIENTS about? This IS an exception.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.
If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”
–Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com

The last straw – Impetus for this article

Today we were asked if we could be “hired” to move an existing website from GoDaddy to Network Solutions. While GoDaddy is not our first recommendation for a website hosting company, nor has it ever been included in our top three recommendations for a good hosting company for a client’s website, GoDaddy is a reliable and ethical company. Many won’t say that about Network Solutions.

NOTE 1: We use GoDaddy as our Registrar and have 100’s of domains with GoDaddy. In our opinion, there are simply better hosting companies when we are asked for our honest advice.
NOTE 2: In the “old days” we used Network Solutions as our Registrar and recommended them for a few years. There were very few Registrars in the infant days of the Internet.

Are they delusional?We can understand the occasional GoDaddy hosting client wanting to leave GoDaddy for a more affordable service with better performance — BUT TO MOVE TO NETWORK SOLUTIONS!!! OMG! – Are they delusional?

We looked at one another with raised eyebrows and expressions of incredulity. How could this be? Is it possible that Network Solutions’ marketing efforts are effectively masking the atrocities that are taking place inside this prison of mostly frustrated, over-charged, and horribly-treated registrar and hosting clients – 1,000’s of whom (including some of our clients) are afraid to break away for fear of retribution? We have actually advised our law firm clients to pay the overpriced domain renewal fees to Network Solutions rather than take a chance of pissing them off by trying to transfer the domains and have their websites darkened for days or weeks while we battle the Network Solutions’ outright incompetence or calculated infliction of pain for trying to run away from them.

Doubt us? Read the actual reviews we have a link (called: SOURCE) below the Review Headlines. When we make this recommendation we will make the analogy that if the I.R.S. sends a law firm an invoice that claims their corporate tax return was deemed to be short $90 – are they going to contest that invoice or pay it? Most practical people will choose to simply PAY IT! whether right or wrong. We have found that paying a hostage fee to Network Solutions is sometimes more practical and ultimately less frustrating than trying to move a domain name. That is NOT true for large, pricey, collections of domain names one might be holding or for ANY WEBSITES that are hosted at Network Solutions.

If you have one or more WEBSITES hosted at Network Solutions, RUN! – Don’t walk to the exits!

A disproportional percentage of lawyers make up the customers still trapped at Network Solutions

We have discovered that many lawyers we come in contact with disclose that their domain names, and sometimes their websites are over at Network Solutions. We think we know why. Most lawyers learned early on that their $1,000/month to the local yellow pages was becoming more ineffective (if that were possible) back as far as 1996-2000 as the Internet became the new Yellow pages for potential legal clients. Lawyers and other professionals were some of the first demographic to secure one or more domain names and get a rudimentary website launched —so minimally– they’d have a web address to print on their business card. Since Network Solutions was one of the first Registrars around 2003 and beyond, many lawyers and businesses purchased some or all of their domains at Network Solutions. Lawyers, like anyone else, are resistant to change. “It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” So you grudgingly pay $29 renewal fee where anywhere else you’d pay $10-$14 –right? Resistance to change. Website down a lot? That happens right? Email failures? That’s common right? Thousands of dollars for hosting a few websites – that’s common too – right?

Sorry, that is NOT common –except at NetSol — Most reliable hosting companies will provide 99.5% website “up” time and zero email issues and you can have 1 or 20 separate websites for about $80 a year. And YES, stellar customer service with 1-2 minutes wait time to speak to expert Americans here in the U.S. 24/7/365 with no ransom fees to FIX problems that the hosting company (i.e. Network Solutions) often causes in the first place.

Writing this article, we figured “corroboration” might help. Turns out that ALONE would have done it!

We really did not need to write this article. All we really needed to do is copy and paste the majority of Network Solutions Hosting Review TITLES from just one of dozens of hosting review sites. Yes we will do that too. It is SO instructive.

How pissed off must a lawyer or business owner be to spend half a day writing a negative review?

People don’t take half a day to write a negative review unless they are really annoyed.People don’t take half a day to write a review, UNLESS… They had been subjected to the most awful experience with a company and were so upset that they were physically or emotionally traumatized. Think about it. If you were going to drop everything to write a Yelp Review to warn others, could you find any more gut-wrenching TITLES than those you can read through below? Those are just the titles! Many of these long and painful reviews are from business owners so DEVASTATED that they spent half a day composing detailed, gut-wrenching experiences to WARN other business owners about the incredible, unimaginably-awful service they and their business were subjected to. We have all experienced bad service, but to be inspired to sit down to pen a scathing review – YOU KNOW they must have been put through sheer hell. Read the titles. If you then go ahead and choose to host a website at Network Solutions, you deserve the fruits of your choice. As several reviews said: Buyer Beware!

OMG! The FRUSTRATION that you read in JUST THE TITLES of these Network Solutions Reviews *

  • Run, dont walk !
  • can’t get out
  • Network Solutions made me cry
  • It’s getting worse and worse
  • Support is the worst
  • Yuck !!!! I had to switch to hostgator
  • Stay Away from Network Solutions
  • Terrible.
  • NS Down Again!!!
  • VPS is a piece of ….you add the words
  • Awful!
  • Terrible for web hosting
  • I’ve let them host me for too long
  • Go Elsewhere
  • Incompetent service reps and tech supports
  • Terrible in every way
  • Horrible documentation and worse support
  • Unreliable hosting service
  • wouldn’t let me point [my domain] to my website
  • NEVER use Network Solutions
  • Network Solutions Sucks
  • Couldn’t be worse
  • Crap Hosting Service
  • Forget it
  • Don’t Even think about using Network Solutions
  • Crooks
  • Lousy customer service, extremely annoying crm
  • Web Hosting Competitor’s Dream!
  • Clueless turd polishers
  • Maddeningly Incompetant
  • Used them for many years. But has become the WORST
  • Network Solutions… I hope you speak Filipino
  • Run Away from These Guys and Their Lies!
  • Worst Customer Service EVER
  • Contacting support makes you want to seek inner peace
  • Avoid Network Solutions
  • Worst hosting company!!!
  • SUCKS!!!
  • Forcing you to do business
  • Another NetSol fail
  • NotSol – oops – NetSol: NOT!
  • NetSol is going down–switch now!
  • Downhill since Web.Com purchased!
  • Network solutions has been REALLY BAD
  • no credit
  • No “Solutions” to Poor Service!
  • Constant Email Issues with NO support
  • Email Down AGAIN!!!???
  • very poor customer service
  • MX Records Ignored
  • Expensive for what you get
  • contemplating how to move to a different company
  • Avoid Network Solutions – they are absolute shit
  • Netowrk Soultions SUCKS!
  • SSH, what is that?
  • The Worst
  • Horrible Customer Service
  • Worst, Cheaters, Thieves
  • Support is overseas and have zero knowledge
  • My own fault for not knowing what I was doing
  • Horrible company
  • Buyer Beware — This Company Is A Fraud
  • Network is a nightmare in my life.
  • Terrible service
  • if you want customer service-go somewhere else
  • Once they were great
  • Questionable Business Practices
  • Sigh
  • Network Solutions Review – Horrible
  • Crap
  • NetworkSolutions – Techs deleted DNS entries
  • Worst Support Group EVER!
  • Most inefficient support staff
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow
  • making it harder than need be
  • Error Message
  • Password Issues for FTP costs customers money
  • Was overpriced decent / Now just Bad overall
  • Buyer BEWARE!!!
  • Boarders on Criminal
  • Network Soluyions is horrible
  • Network Solutions sucks
  • Wish I had Seen These Review First
  • Slow,ineffective customer support
  • Customer Service is BAD
  • Ok if you live in New Delhi and don’t care about your time
  • Too Many Outages
  • Confused
  • Agrivated
  • Good luck if you are on Network Solutions
  • OMG…how they stay in business I’ll never know!
  • I’d use anyone else before returning to Network Solutions
  • Scary – I regret signing up with them
  • borderline fraud..!!
  • Dysfunctional
  • ongoing e-mail issues
  • They will shut you down if you get too much traffic
  • Network Solutions support FAIL!
  • Worst run business ever!
  • NS makes me want to kill myself
  • Run before it’s too late
  • From good to bad
  • Don’t Use NS
  • Problems take FOREVER to solve
  • Gone way downhill; useless support
  • Stay away! Unless you like tech support from the Ukraine
  • email is terrible
  • NetworkSolutions no longer up to par
  • Stay Away From Network Solutions
  • Problems with NS
  • They Can’t Even Get a Domain Registered Properly
  • Unresponsive and lousy tech support
  • Network Solutions sucks
  • Irritating
  • Lame


“The rise of the citizen review site is a sobering development. No longer are you on top of the mountain, blasting your marketing message down to the masses through your megaphone. All of a sudden the masses are conversing with one another. If your service or product isn’t any good, they’ll out you.”

–David Pogue, Scientific American

If you have one or more websites at Network Solutions, we can move them for you.

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

  • The good is that NetSol won’t know you are about to move your site until 90% of the work is accomplished, so any retribution would be limited to slowing down the DNS changes, or undoing them.
  • The bad is that NetSol’s DNS changes take longer than most, but should take hold and point to the new host within 24 hours.
  • The ugly, supported by several reviewers on such review websites as the one referenced above is if you request to move the domain name to a new registrar. You can move the website now and plan to attempt to move the domain names to a new registrar between Christmas and New Years or a company vacation week or other time when any retribution that results in your website being temporarily off-the-air would be minimally painful – (this should NEVER happen in a nice world).

Get Professional Help moving your website from one host to another

Don’t leave your website at a hosting company that is providing horrible or NO service. While moving a site is challenging, we can get it done in record time for a tiny fee.

Call us at (888) 900-9078 to get the best web service at affordable prices today!

One of our top 3 Low cost Web Hosting companies: CLICK HERE

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