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Outsourced Law Firm Marketing

WE BELIEVE – the ‘Digital Face’ of a law firm is more important to growth than a brick & mortar office.

As your outsourced marketing partner, we help you better brand your digital identity from your customized website ‘central hub.’

YOUR WEBSITE – We can start with what you have. Alternatively, we can do a makeover or build a new website. Whatever you decide, we are expedient and affordable. Your site will be visually stunning, totally custom, responsive, easy to navigate and client owned.

MARKETING – You MUST BE FOUND in Google Search to be engaged by new clients. We accomplish that using our ‘secret sauce’ which will WOW you. Q. What is our secret ingredient? A. elbow grease

COST – All included is a small monthly fee. No contract.

How We Do It

ELBOW GREASE applied minimum of 5-hours/week – 20-hours/month

We carefully ‘market you’ by managing EVERYTHING on the Web about you. We build up the ‘public-facing digital persona of YOU and your FIRM.

We apply our talents where most needed. For example your website is ‘meh’ and that’s what you want us to overhaul or build new site. There are so many other valuable Internet channels beyond a law firm’s website that need our attention as well.

We will address each opportunity by weighing the importance of your scheduled hours smartly.

We will share with you strategies most lawyers never consider. At your direction we can incorporated those and other solid strategies competently – all white glove and ethical. We do not take kindly to ‘snake oil’ bull S#!t here. A honorable arrangement. We are the ‘elbow grease you need with decades of experience and hard-learned mad skills who want to earn your respect and friendship as we labor to increasing your firm’s cash flow.

Every lawyer is on a frustrating ongoing search to find their marketing ‘guy or gal.’ That person is a found ‘asset; as their effort is to create a measurable increase in bank balances.

Our Forte – The ‘Everything’ Subscription

Your Trusted Marketing Crew

No employee taxes. No overhead. No more ‘halfway’ efforts.
We do EVERYTHING you should have been doing for years. We touch everything you allow us to so that we are painting a digital picture that is BOLD. One that shows you as being REPUTABLE and admired by clients and others. We amplify the good and work on eliminating or overpower anything on the Web that is less than 5-STAR flattering.

A Law Sites – Philosophical Truth

‘ELBOW GREASE’ Grows Bank Balances

You hire us – at your pleasure – to toil away to make you more successful. We work on your profile 20-hours per month to paint an attractive and engaging PUBLIC DIGITAL FOOTPRINT of you and the firm to the public.

You have a ‘Digital Footprint’ now. Likely, you have not been tending to it. It might be good, bad, or blah. Law practices with phones are too quiet, are usually in the ‘blah’ column – status quo – one of far too many.

When you hire a shareholder of Law Sites, you have at your beck and call a trusted marketing strategist. That relationship (that is what it often becomes) will often require the talents of our decade’s long guru ‘Pastor J’ for code and graphics, a social media millennial, and a legal content writer with thousands of 750-1500 word legal pages (new pages are web magnets). All our carefully aligned cost-effective assets come to bear on YOU and your FIRM’s ‘digital public-facing persona’ ou cannot help but benefit greatly. .

Weon your success weekly to get your phones to light up. We work on EVERY digital thing that is your law practice on the Web EACH week – hands on. FYI -That’s how you beat every other firm.

EVERY POSSIBLE MARKETING OPTION – & Internet channel is leveraged to grow your practice including a stellar website, logo design, branding, content writing, blog/blawg, search engine marketing SEM, search engine optimization SEO and reputation management.

LOGO’S & GRAPHICS – If you need branding, it’s included. Web assets you have, we can use or clean up and co-brand them to tell a focused story about your law firm. If you’re missing potent social media like Google Business & Maps, Google Reviews, Facebook, LinkedIn, Alignable, Yelp, Twitter, AVVO — not to worry – — that’s included too.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? – Everything: website, graphics, branding, social media & constant weekly marketing.

COST – Impossibly reasonable monthly fee. Hint: We’re in the ‘hundreds’ – for what we do for our beloved clients – a bargain. Never any contract.

Meet Some of the Crew

Passionate about
'Law Firm Digital Marketing'

100% Focused Making SOLO's and Shareholders More Successful

Keith Bennett
60% - Hands-on SEO & Web Leveraging
20% - Focused Client Strategy Research
20% - Law Firm Marketing Consultant
--Phone conferences as-needed & recurring
--solos, share holders, operating partners, and
--assigned 'in-firm' marketing point persons
--brainstorming, branding, planning, sharing,
--ongoing strategy refinement
Jeremy Francis
Code Guru | Graphics | Video & Sound
Web Designer / Developer
60% - Web Development - Coding - Design
25% - Graphics - LOGO Design - Video - Sound
15% - Site Load Speed & Performance Tweaking
--WordPress, CMS, C-Panel, Server, Apache, C,
--Javascript, HTML5+, Php, CSS, Photoshop,
--Illustrator, sound, podcast, video post edit,
--self-taken 'raw video' to 'OMG, that's awesome'
--Being a pastor, husband and father
Sherri Dolny
Coordinator - Acct'ng - Schedules
70% - Client Project Oversight
20% - Accounting
10% - Scheduling
--Riding hard over crew 'to take a break'
--Queen of all things "PUG"
Melinda Straugh
80% - Voice, Text, Website Chat
for some SOLO's & busy litigators
20% - Bilingual phone translator for clients
--Rides herd over her crew of 'call center pros'
--Almost a certified paralegal - 'this close!'
Alex Jenkins
Disruptive Marketing Intern 2019-2020 - Go USC
70% - Social Media Marketing Strategies
30% - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,
--LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat,
--Quora, Reddit (deep in the weeds)

Call or Text – Let’s Brainstorm Your Practice

Law Sites Marketing — Make The Smart Choice

Image of Client's websiteBefore you spend another dollar on marketing or advertising, let’s talk. Dubious? Skeptical? Wary that we are but another disappointment that left a bad taste in your mouth? We get it. We hear from new clients stories of serious monthly sums handed over to: Yod_, Web_, Fin_, Lex_, Mar_, Avv_, Yel_ Fill_In_Your____. Similar experiences shared with us about being over-promised snake oil — another ‘bad marketing experience?’

Call us (888) 900-9078 or approach more cautiously by TEXTING managing partner Keith directly (512) 850 . No one at Law Sites will chase you, sell you, or pursue you. We’re busy professionals here for you when you are ready to try honest efforts diligently applied to making your law practice more profitable.