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Live chat help is accomplished by installed a software script on your website that allows website visitors to make immediate contact with a Live Chat Associate via an instant message form of chat window. Live Chat associates are trained legal call center employees who can respond to your website visitors with prepared scripts or more conversationally as we get to know your law practice or business. A Live Chat associate helps break the ice, while clearly representing themselves as staff –not attorneys– and are able, in 8 of 10 chat conversations, to come away with a chat transcript that will give you, the attorney, a thumbnail of the client and matter, and the visitor’s acknowledged expectation for a personal call from an attorney, paralegal or case manager and one or more contact phone numbers to make that happen.

Live chat has soared in popularity in the legal community because of its ability to generate measurable conversions from website visitors to law firm clients and the corresponding return on investment (ROI). Are you late to the Live Chat marketing opportunity. Below are 4 reasons why you might consider Live Chat Help and the benefits that will accrue to your law firm.

1. Better first impression with your prospective client

Prospective clients, like anyone else in our “want-it-now” culture, are seeking a solution to a legal problem or matter and they appreciate the virtually instant response via online live chat. Immediate response will often keep a visitor from clicking away in search of another law firm’s website. How many clients have you lost over the years when you were unable to take their call or get back to them in a timely fashion? Lawyers are busy people: client meetings, sequestered time to draft motions, travel, depositions, court appearances, and so on. A conversation with a person from your website and the reassurance that a return phone call is “pending” will almost always ‘stay’ or short-circuit further lawyer shopping and assure that if their is a good client or case it will be awaiting your call to lock it up. Within minutes of a chat conversation, you, your partner, associate, paralegal, case manager, or ALL of you are immediately notified with a copy of the transcript, the search engine search string that brought the client to your website, their city, state, zip code, PC, Apple, tablet or mobile device, the operating system they use, an email address and one or more phone numbers.

When people decide it’s time to find a lawyer, they go to the Internet with some expectations of finding and connecting with someone who can solve their problem: right then. Not tomorrow or next Tuesday. We live in an immediate gratification culture and when prospective clients are on your site for long enough that they are obviously comfortable with you and notice that there is a live person accessible via the “Live Chat,” they can –and will– reach out and get that instant connection that gets them a step closer to finding the lawyer or firm they are shopping for.

Our experienced live chat operators are able to reassure the prospective client, often letting their dread or anxiety fall away as they realize that they may have found an experienced law firm that will be able to solve their issue. Visitors are clearly informed that we are not attorneys, and without going into any confidential discussions nor offering any advice we almost always obtain a clear outline of the matter, secure all their contact information and immediately forward it to any person or groups of people that you specify at your firm. Most of our clients are calling the solid-looking cases back within 5 minutes of our initial chat. In any case, the prospective clients depart from the online chat conversation feeling that they have finally been listened to and cease shopping for another lawyer. It is common that we are profusely thanked for “being there.” Live Chat conversations make a powerful first impression and is far more satisfying than filling out a static contact form and then wondering if they will ever hear back. Contact forms are so sketchy with no assurance of contact or a call back, that most web searchers will continue searching until they make a connection with someone. Why shouldn’t you be that someone?

2. Improve your conversion rate and ROI from the Web

Internet Marketing, whether for a law practice or a business, is a term that means: getting new customers, clients, or cases from the web. The better your Internet marketing efforts, the better your conversion from web visitors to clients will be and thus your ROI (Return on Investment). There are three hurdles to Internet Marketing:

(ONE) —Design and deploy a great-looking, technologically up-to-date, content-rich website

The design and deployment of a modern CMS Website is discussed all over our website. If you need a new site or a site makeover, you can read further here, here, and here.

(TWO) —Doing all you can to help in “being found” or “standing out” in that huge sea of competitors

A website must stand out in that huge sea of competitorsYour website must be “found.” Your website needs to stand out in a huge sea of competitors. This is the step where the majority of law firms –and other businesses– drop the ball and their cool website is rarely, if ever, seen by anyone other than the lawyer and staff to make sure it is still “there.” Other law practices are just happy that they have the corporate website online and printed on their business cards where existing and referral clients can find their site to get phone numbers or perhaps map directions to the law office.

Then there are other law firms who have no interest in web marketing to build interest, traffic and organic rankings but are absolutely delighted in just having a great website as a “landing site” for paid search results, commonly called a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with Google and Bing. A PPC campaign will pair up prospective clients who are searching for a very specific lawyer (divorce, probate, personal injury, etc.) by typing into Google search something like: Miami Personal Injury Attorney.   When people search for those very precise keyword-strings, paid ads can appear on PAGE ONE Google, Bing and Yahoo in the geographical service area, and on particular days and times that make sense for both the client and the law firm. PPC campaigns ensure as much traffic as a law firm is willing to pay for. We have several PPC clients who call us to “pause” their PPC campaigns because the ads works so well that they have too many clients, or a lawyer would have a significant multi-day trial and simply was not able to field any more new client calls for a spell.

Once you are found, however, you need to convert that potential client into a customer, client or case. You could bring thousands of visitors to your site, but if the site isn’t converting your visitors into clients, the website is of little value to your business or law firm.

(THREE) —Converting website visitors into a new customer, client or case.

Convert website visitors into a new customer, client or case.Live associate chat has been proven to increase conversion rates. A recent study suggests that 44 percent of consumers on the Web seek live help when they are shopping online and consider it very important. The survey respondents suggested that having the ability to ask questions in real time while making a decision to purchase or find a service provider was one of the most important features a website could provide. When a live chat operator welcomes a potential client, they feel engaged and are compelled to share why they are on your site. As soon as they engage with the operator, you dramatically increase the chance of collecting that individual’s trust and their contact information. This gives your firm the ability to quickly follow up and talk with the prospect. When you increase conversions from your site, you maximize your firm’s ROI from the Internet.

3. Differentiate your business or law firm

Marketing-savvy law firms continuously seek ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Live chat is similar to having an online receptionist. Potential clients are often facing the most difficult situation of their lives, such as recovering from a serious injury, or dealing with a divorce, bankruptcy or a recent arrest. You can differentiate your law firm by providing an immediate response to their questions and comforting them in their greatest time of need.

4. Offer Unparalleled customer service

Offering your website visitors the ability to engage in real-time live chat provides visitors unparalleled customer service which harkens back to our first reason (an opportunity to make a good first impression). Having Live Chat associates available to visitors can also help reduce your website bounce rates (this is where visitors click-in and then almost immediately click-away), improve your conversion rate and satisfy your visitors’ need to solve their pressing legal dilemma.

Get Live Chat Service for your Law Practice Website Today

Get Live Chat Service for your Law Practice Website todayIf you want to add Live Chat service to your law practice or business website, give us a call. Get the customers, clients, and cases you deserve by making it easy for prospective clients to make contact with you. When phones don’t ring and contact forms are avoided, Live Chat will often be the contact channel of choice.

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