Live chat service operators give you another channel to connect to Website Visitors

Our Live Chat Operators will leverage the effectiveness of your law Practice websiteLaw firm websites that feature live chat operators will engage more visitors and convert visitors to one-on-one telephone or in-office meetings by 2 to 1 over the same website site without live chat functionality.

The founders here at , when in the office, participate as Live Chat Operators for our clients so we can see first-hand how frequently more timid and shy visitors –those who would likely never place a call, will venture into a “chat.”

Website Chat Functionality is very Powerful  —Creates an “Icebreaker”

Why does adding Live Chat Service double the response? – We’ve asked site visitors and we’ve listened to their feedback. Some are very candid and open about their hesitancy and reluctance to pick up a phone and call: it is stressful, possibly embarrassing (certain legal matters), and folks are downright scared to step off the curb when shopping for a lawyer. On the other hand, initiating a “chat session” is pretty tame by comparison. Most everyone has had to contact AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, DirecTV, or the power company rather than wait on hold for an long wait would initiate a “chat session.” Furthermore, everyone has had one or more of these chat interactions and know that the minute they feel uncomfortable or want to depart –for any reason– they can simply click on the “X” and be gone. Placing a phone call to an attorney is a big step. Chatting is not, but it is a powerful icebreaker! Our experience is that we will DOUBLE the actual contact between prospective client and attorney when Live Chat is deployed. Once the chat is started and a thumbnail description of the matter is shared, the once timid visitor is almost always totally on-board with having one of “our compassionate and understanding” attorneys calling them back for a confidential assessment. Live Chat Service is an incredibly powerful attorney marketing tool.

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to
remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”
–Doug Warner

Why a Law Firm Should Have a Live Chat Option on their Legal Website

Live Chat Operators will greet your website visitors, and immediately send their contact information to you or your case manager.
If Google or Bing are a significant ongoing investment for your firm already —i.e. you are doing a Pay Per Click Campaign, you absolutely must get live chat service set up on your law practice website: you’ll be money ahead virtually immediately. It would be financially foolish not to, considering the significant increase in conversions for those law practice websites that offer instant communication, via chat functionality, when compared to those static sites that have no instant communication option.

Many law firms are still in the dark about Live Chat Service and have not yet added instant communication to their website(s). Or perhaps they’re just doubtful that spending a few bucks for a feature they don’t consider very important because —after all— they have a phone number and a contact form displayed on their website.

The reality is, that in our present culture where almost instant communication and customer engagement is pretty much expected, a live chat option on your law practice website could be the one last all-important marketing tool that you’re missing.

The Importance of Live Chat Service in a Competitive World

Live chat service is the next level in gaining client loyalty. Having someone there to answer questions provides instant feedback, develops client trust and gives you a solid edge over your competitors.

Instant Feedback

If you are serious about marketing your law practice on the web, do doubt you or your webmaster are constantly tweaking and improving your website to keep your website layout fresh and your content up-to-date. You want prospective clients and colleagues who regularly refer clients to you, to be impressed with your willingness to be technologically savvy and have a heart for superior client service. A live chat professional allows website visitors to approach you on their terms to make inquiries about legal services and also provide live feedback about your legal services, your website and offer suggestions for improvement. Your prospective clients will candidly tell you how well you’re doing by the questions they ask and feedback they’ll provide.

Get Live Chat Service for your Law Practice Website Today

Get Live Chat Service for your Law Practice Website todayIf you want to add live chat service to your law practice or business website, give us a call. Get the clients and cases you deserve by making it easy for prospective clients to make contact with you. When phones don’t ring and contact forms are avoided, Live Chat will often be the contact channel of choice. For a miserly $6 per day, you can add the next needed service your website requires to convert visitors to the clients and cases you deserve.

Call us at (888) 900-9078 to get Live Chat Service on your website today!

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