leisureYou may have loved your website when you first had it done, but I’ll bet you loved that baby blue leisure suit when you first got it too. The internet is ever evolving and styles change over time. More importantly technology changes and what may have worked in the past doesn’t work as well now.

You may be the person who shelled out thousands of dollars to a snake oil salesman who sold you a bunch of empty promises and lies. And when the smooth talk was over and the dust settled you were left with an ugly site full of dead links and content that is barely written in English. Whats worse you probably don’t even have access to the source code or the control panel and I won’t even ask you if you know where your domain name is being hosted.

No matter which person you are,
Your Website Stinks! And you know it.

If Your Website Is Under Performing You Need A Makeover

I know how you feel, and I know how frustrating it can be for you to have a website that you just don’t like anymore. Really it’s not your fault, you did your best and things were working well, for a while but now things aren’t quite right. Your website isn’t getting the kind of results you would like it to. Not enough referrals, the email box is getting dusty, no one is clicking on your buy button.

Could your design be killing your site’s effectiveness?

It takes a lot of testing and and experience to find a design that is both appealing and that works and it takes a real professional to keep up with the changing trends. There are a lot of pretty designs out there, that simply don’t convert visitors into clients. Often a good design can go bad with misplaced information or links and navigation that don’t work.

Is your text confusing to your user?

When someone visits your site they don’t always know what they are looking for or what to do and if you don’t have clear compelling copy they will move on to the next site. We have a saying “Content is King” and nothing could be more important when you are looking at making over your website.

No Offense, but you are a pro, a killer lawyer but Your Future Clients Aren’t

You’re a rock star communicator in the court room, but anyone could benefit from another set of eyes looking over your content.

Can search engines even find your website?

We probably don’t even want to get started talking about SEO, but if your previous designer didn’t pay any attention to good SEO practices, or worse yet used “blackhat” techniques your site may be causing more harm than good to your business.

If You Are Frustrated With Your Website A Makeover May Be Your Solution

12157485_m-09-05-13-lawsites-2-creditsLet’s be honest, you’re probably really frustrated by your website. A lot of our clients tell us that they get frustrated with their website, because they can’t make the simplest changes to the text, they have no way to measure the site’s performance and it seems no one is willing to teach them how to manage their site on their own. We can sympathize with you, and honestly we’d rather you control your site than have to come to us to add an apostrophe or change your phone number…

If only there was a way to take your existing site and make it work for you

What if someone could take a look at your site, refine the design so its effective, polish your text so it relates to your clients and make sure your site is optimized for search engines?

What if that same person used the world’s most popular, easy to use software to power your site and then hand you the keys to the kingdom with a full library of instructional videos, and 1 on 1 coaching to help you:

  • Write Better Content
  • Use Social Media To Help Your Site Gain Traction
  • Use In App Tools and Metrics To Make The Best Decisions

Make Your Site Rock Again

If you could find someone to do all that, your site would rock again! You could transform your site from an under performing resource sucker into a razor sharp tool to get you more leads. You can be proud of your site again and make it work for you. Your website shouldn’t suck the life out of you it should make people call your office or click that button for a case evaluation. It shouldn’t be a time drain either.

Will Make Over Your Website & Put It To Work For You!

14613829_m-09-05-13-lawsites-2-credits2The Pros at will help turn your site into the valuable marketing tool it was meant to be. We want to be your go to guys when it comes to planning your website marketing and to guide you to make your site clear, effective and easy for you to manage. In your makeover we will offer a variety of services tailored to your specific needs. We Don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions but we work with you to develop a plan to make your site work for you again.

We will do any of the following:

  • Domain Research ~ Niche Market Research
  • Website Design
  • Graphics Design and Photoshop
  • Social Media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Legal Content Writing
Enhanced Features Like:

  • Live Chat Service
  • Enterprise Email and Cloud Data Management
  • Mobile Solutions

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We aren’t promising you thousands or even hundreds of hit on your site each day. What we are promising is that we will do everything we can to give your site a fighting chance and out perform your competitors. Our clients average 20-50 unique visitors each day. Now in the hyped up world of internet marketing social media, 20 visits doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider the visitors that we attract to your site are primed and looking to hire you, that is like 20 people walking through the door of your office EVERY DAY. Honestly how would your practice change with just 1 more client every day?

Our Clients Put It Best

Johnathan Watts – EastBayBusinessLawyer.com

jonathan-fam-569For 2011, we showed a healthy profit, and no losses/debts to report. In 2011 we were thrilled with those results. 2012 proved to be staggeringly better…more than doubling our take home pay and 2013 is going gang buster and is positioned to easily surpass our earnings for 2012!!!

Sure, my husband is an awesome Attorney…but that’s not the point of this recommendation. Both he and I are incredibly grateful for and their team of professionals. They’ve kept us up to date on what is moving and shaking in the internet advertising world.

Read The Whole Testimonial

Mark Rosenfeld – WestHollyoodDUILawyers.com

MRDUILAYou can be one of the best attorneys in your practice area but without clients you have no money. After working at a firm for over ten years it was time to open my own practice. One of the first things I needed to do was to get my name and new practice on-line. I contacted and they took the time to explain what we needed to do and helped me lay out a road map to getting new clients. The team at designed and built me a website with all the bells and whistles in record time. Within a week my phone was ringing with potential new clients. I talk to Keith at every month to continue to refine my strategy and we have been successful in keeping my phone ringing with new clients every month.

Debra Grimaila – OrangeCountyBusinessLawyer.com

Orange Co. Business LawyerI was almost ready to close down my offices and start working from home when I met the team from . The Pros at looked at my website and presented me with several options to get more from my site. Their changes and strategies started to work right away, before I knew it I was Number 1 on Google, and Number 3 and I still am today! And my ads place first on the page. That’s right 3 out of 10 results on Google are ME! My ad campaign brings in about 150 calls a month now. I was away on vacation and turned off my ads and the calls still came in because of the great job did with my site. I was going to down size, now I am ready to buy more office space!

Website Design For Lawyers That Work!

Would you like to see what your site could look like if the pros at got a hold of it? Take a look at 2 case studies that our design specialist did recently, then if you want you can click on the thumbnails below to see some more website and logo designs.

Beautiful Responsive Slider With A Classic Design

For this site the client wanted to make a strong visual impact when the visitor first landed on the page. To do that we created a Responsive Slider that took up the whole screen “above the fold”. Being responsive, it doesn’t matter the size of the screen, the image adjusts itself automatically to fit the screen. We worked this fancy new technique with some classic textures and styles to create a very effective blend.

A Bold Style For A Bold Lady

This client is a bold take no prisoners lawyer who wanted to make a definitive statement while still communicating that she is a compassionate lawyer who will fight for your family. We started with a striking logo that makes a statement, then the unique slider with graphical elements that look like the image is showing through a torn piece of paper. This design is so effective the client had to scale back on her advertising because she was being overwhelmed with new cleints and she couldn’t handle any more!

What’s Stopping You From Signing Up Now?

We know there are a lot of other companies trying to get your attention and muddy the waters with deals and promises and fairy dust. We want to make it very simple for you:

We will:

1 Do A Deep Analysis Of Your Site

2 Create A Plan Together & Execute That Plan

3 Coach You To Make Use Of All The Tools Available To Make Your Site A Success.

We want to eliminate any doubt and take away all the risk, so we want to make this already great deal even better. If you are one of the first 100 people to sign up, you will get 3 months of PPC Management FREE so you can have 90 Days to see how can make your site a winner. That’s a value of $600 Dollars.

guarantee01You can have confidence that your investment will meet your needs because we are not selling you a service, as much as we are offering to empower YOU to take back control of your website. You are YOUR own Guarantee, because you will have access to the pros at until you don’t need us anymore. That’s right we will make sure that you are absolutely satisfied and feel confident and we will help coach you for success.

Get Started Now!

You don’t want to let another minute go by without talking to us and seeing how working with can take your old site and give it a kick in the shorts! A Website Makeover costs just $1500! That’s not a typo, you get:

  • Domain Research ~ Niche Market Research
  • Website Re-Design
  • Graphics Design and Photoshop
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Review
  • Coaching & Support
  • Content Management and Analytics Software Installation

For the price of $1500.

Think about this, if your website only brings brings in 1 new client, it will pay for itself. If it brings in 2 you’ve doubled your money… And we’re just talking about retainers here, not to mention all of the other business 1 new client can bring you. Honestly your $1500 investment could produce a remarkable return, it really makes sense to turn your website into a lead generating tool that has a return on your investment like no other.

You could be getting more clients already! What are you waiting for? Talk to one of our experts, now. You won’t be talking to a salesperson, but one of our actual Pros who will give you a FREE no obligation evaluation, so click on the button below to get started or call: 888 900-9078

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