Business Internet Marketing: — Objective: To Stand Out In the Crowd

Internet Marketing For Business - Businesses need their Website to Stand Out In the Crowd.Each day tens of thousands of businesses create and deploy their website with the hope that their lone tree will somehow stand out amongst the endless forest of competition. As the internet playing fields becomes ever more over-planted, clever business owners, must recognize their need to take advantage of BETTER Internet Marketing Strategies. Our Law Practice and Business clients come to us to design and build a WordPress CMS based website that will be engineered to beat the competition because it is cleverly planned and expertly-crafted with serious page-by-page SEO. Moreover, we will have a web marketing plan that can leverage social medial sites to extend the reach of the client’s website by compounding exposure and organically-driving new website traffic to their website. If they do this better than their competitors, their site will stand out in the crowd.

Web Traffic can be bought or cultivated and harvested for FREE.   FREE is BETTER and MORE POWERFUL

Internet Marketing For Business will always include one or more social media sites that are connected –linked back– to your website & blog. The more you or your staff works the available social media channels by re-publishing regular BLOG postings (be they called: news, articles, press releases, etc.), the more success you will experience. There can even be a tipping point where you will be stunned by the success trajectory that your Internet Marketing Efforts will unleash. All that is required is a little persistence (e.g. one article a week) and without any Ninja Web Marking Skills you and your business can significantly rise above the noise. When that happens, your website/blog will be able to showcase your skills, products, or services where they will actually be seen! Customers searching for you will FIND you. Customers not searching for you will STUMBLE INTO you!

The Good News:   Businesses not yet on the web, or those already on the web, but virtually invisible, there is hope. Let’s get you found!

Case Study: Idea Paint

Let’s take a peek into a company that had a great idea! – How cool to be to have all your office walls become HUGE White boards for brainstorming. How many parents might think it cool to allow their crumb-crunchers to express their creativity and artistic skills on some walls of the home without reverting to that dark green chalk board paint that sucks the light and joy out of a room like a black hole? Well, the folks at Idea Paint have a great product and they took full-advantage of Social Media Marketing in getting their website found and their message loudly broadcast.

Here is a great study of a company that had a great idea!

The 13 Social Marketing tools used to leverage their amazing growth and success:

  1. WordPress CMS WebsiteIdeaPaint.comMORE…
  2. Website 4+ articles per month were posted going back to December 2009
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Google+pageMORE…
  5. TwitterPage
  6. YouTubeChannel
  7. VimeoChannel
  8. PinterestPage
  9. LinkedInPage
  10. FlickrPage
  11. WikipediaPage
  12. Google AdWordsCampaignand to round out a baker’s dozen of exemplary marketing efforts:
  13. Live Operator Chat Systemthat asks the visitor if they can lend assistance?MORE…

Is Idea Paint a successful company?

As Homer Simpson might say: “Do’ah!” Google ‘Idea Paint’ for yourself! Below is a visual graphic of how as well as many of our Law Practice clients use Social Media Accounts to propel their websites, their businesses, and their marketing message to the world:

Social Media Marketing Leverages Web traffic and builds legitimate backlinks.

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Internet Marketing should be a routine part of ANY sized Businesses

Start-up or Home-Based Business? – Internet marketing for business is applicable to the smallest home-based operation or start-up business, as they need growth the most. All businesses should attempt to take advantage of the amazing results that are possible using proven Internet marketing methods. Back is 1998 some business owners were telling us that they would never sign up for an email account, “after all,” they’d say, “Who needs one – we get mail delivered right to our door Monday through Saturday.” How did those short-sighted predictions pan out for them? Little more than a decade later do you know ANYONE under 95 who doesn’t have email? Who could have imagined, back in 1998, that Amazon and other e-tailers would be the downfall of such brick-and-mortar giants as Tower Records, Borders Books, Blockbuster, Crown Books, Virgin Megastores, Circuit City, Federated, Good Guys, etc. —many , if not all, closed their doors, in large part because of online e-commerce options.

Participate in Internet Marketing —or— Be Virtually Invisible

Small businesses that are not engaged in selling products or services online should still leverage the power and reach of Internet to promote their service or brand. If you don’t invest in an Internet presence your business will be invisible. Internet Marketing should always be a routine part of doing business. Business Internet Marketing is as essential as paying your phone bill – maybe more so – because if you have no new customers why do you need an operating phone?

The Good News? – You don’t have to wear yet another hat nor hire an expensive Internet Marketing specialist to drain away precious revenue. Business Internet Marketing can be outsourced to some cost-effective, competent geeks for less cost proportionally than a business would have been paying out monthly in 1998 for a full page Yellow Page ad. Moreover, if you give Internet Marketing as much attention as you should, the results will surpass the results of old school publications and you will come to dominate your marketplace in your geographical service area, while trumping your competitors. It’s all about visibility and getting your website “found,” and your company’s message “heard.”

(1) Get your website dialed-in.  (2) Make routine marketing steps.   (3) Grow your Business

While there are increasing numbers of businesses flooding onto the Internet, some of them your competitors, the good news is that most of them will be clueless as to what Internet Marketing is, why it is important, and how easy it will be for you to blow right on past. Other businesses’ ignorance of web marketing will open a highway wide enough that you can drive straight up the mountain and end up solidly on top. You don’t have to be a marketing expert, you just need a simple road map of the basic steps necessary to build web traffic, increase web rankings, create some legitimate and potent backlinks, and be found by customers looking for your product or service. Business Internet Marketing is the best and most cost-efficient way to grow a business and ensure your success.

The Web creates a “Level Playing Field”   The smallest business can trump a larger competitor!

A well-designed CMS website having superb Search Engine Optimization techniques, a connected BLOG, and some Social Media Pages set-up to extend the reach of your website, and you can effectively market your business as well as anyone that you might have been watching dominate your particular business sector. Because the Internet absolutely “Levels the Playing Field,” your most powerful and wealthy competitors can be bested by some basic knowledge and some routine perseverance. We know! We get many one person businesses launched and hitting the ground in a growth mode often far exceeding the most optimistic initial expectations. title="With disciplined Internet Marketing you can out-distance your competitors

“Success is the sum of small efforts,
repeated day in and day out.”
–Robert Collier, Founder of Collier’s Weekly

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