Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to advertising on various search engines such as Google offers expert Pay Per Click management services for law firms that are looking for instant PAGE ONE visibility on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our Google AdWords PPC management team will set-up your PPC campaign, build comprehensive list of keywords, keyword-strings, and long-tailed keyword-strings which will position your campaign to harvest the highly-focused clicks for the least price per click cost. We’ll do the same on Bing and Yahoo if you wish.

Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEM) vs. (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to advertising on various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo by using the power and flexibility of Pay Per Click platforms such as Google AdWords or BingAds (which includes Yahoo Search that Microsoft purchased in 2011). In many web marketing situations, Pay Per Click marketing offers a quicker solution than waiting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get a law firm’s website found for FREE (organically) for the search strings important to bring the law practice the clients and cases they need for growth. Moreover, even if your website is making Page ONE for a particular keyword-string, are you aware that there is a whole demographic that will NEVER click on an organic result and will ONLY CLICK on paid ADS? Lesson? – You need to cover all your marketing bases. Hopefully the searchers will click on your FREE result, and save you a few dollars, but in growing a law practice, we cannot assume consumer’s behavior. Advertising on Google AdWords or BingAds via Search Engine Marketing allows for instant Page ONE visibility on the search engines for your exact keywords on the precise days and times you specify.

Can’t we wait for our SEO expert’s work to pay off?

Generally speaking: “No.” Every law firm that wants to be successful at web marketing and growing their law practice will have a PPC Campaign operating at some level to fill in the gaps in their organic efforts. Moreover, law practice sites may do better organically for a city or town, but may not have sufficient “juice” to rank for larger, broader searches that most lawyer-shoppers choose. Most people searching for a lawyer to address a serious or important legal issue will not do an Internet search for their local neighborhood lawyer. People will NOT typically search for:

  • Small Town, Strip Mall Criminal Defense Lawyer

They do not want the search results to return the guy or gal who just passed the bar, and who has a desk set-up in a retail store front wedged between a Domino’s Pizza and a Circle-K 2-blocks from their home. What they will do is purposefully “widen their search net” by searching at the major city or county level such as:

  • New York Criminal Lawyer,” or
  • California Criminal Attorney,” or
  • Atlanta Area Criminal Defense

The problem is being found for those broad keyword-strings —such as the 3 examples above. New York, California, or Atlanta where there is significant competition for the organic slots. Because of the competition, the chances are, your site will not make Page ONE, and isn’t likely to get to a Page ONE ranking anytime soon. There are only 7 to 9 organic slots available and there are 1,000’s of criminal lawyers competing against you to win them. The numbers simply are not in your favor. At least not all the time. Even if you have the best, most Ninja-awesome SEO people (like us) dial-in your website six ways to Sunday, chances are there are 7 to 9 websites in those geographical areas that are equally-well SEO’d AND 7 to 9 of the law practices likely had the good sense to get their websites UP & LIVE way back in the stone age (1997) and have earned a decade+ to-die-for Google Page Rank which will be grandfathered in that prohibits us from seeing Google Page ONE for a very broad keyword-string in the near future. Our only short-term option, if we want a shot at securing new clients and cases, is to buy our way onto Google Page ONE results for our chosen keywords. We will pay amounts we are willing to pay on the days of the week and times we choose. Such is the flexible power of SEM.

We did a Google Search for our 3 examples. PPC allows 11 law firms to buy Page ONE slots in our 3 examples

Below – If you click on any of the three screenshots, you will see that there are 7 to 9 ORGANIC slots on Search Engine Page Result #1
(SERP-1). In these 3 randomly chosen competitive markets, the only way to get Page ONE visibility is to buy your way onto the Page where you can secure 1 of the 11 available PPC Slots. The Atlanta Attorneys —Conaway & Strickler— made it on to Page ONE in ORGANIC results and also have a concurrently-running PPC ad in the top 3 PPC slots. Conaway & Strickler have taken the best approach in that they know that a constant demographic of Google Searchers NEVER click on organic results and ALWAYS rely on paid PPC Ads for their product and services shopping. Moreover, they made the last organic slot on Page ONE and the percentages drop dramatically from organic slots 1,2 and 3.Take a closer look:

New York Criminal Lawyer  .  California Criminal Attorney  .  Atlanta Area Criminal Defense

Google Search Results for 'New York Criminal Lawyer' Google Search Results for 'California Criminal Attorney' Google Search Results for 'Atlanta Area Criminal Defense'

Some SEO-only companies Poo Poo Pay Per Click Campaigns

We hear and read on the websites of SEO only companies where they poo poo PPC campaigns no matter what. In a perfect world, where there is not a sizable percentage of the population who only choose paid ads we might agree. In a perfect world perhaps use a PPC campaign until or if the SEO shows signs of getting awesome traction. Traction with Bing and Yahoo, in our experience, can show up quickly, often in 10 to 21 days. But darn it, our clients demand Google results: whether SEM, SEO or BOTH paid and free. But there’s a waiting period for Google to pay attention to your SEO efforts. SEO traction with Google, in our experience, requires 3 to 6 months minimum, and often a year in busy over-saturated markets. What is it with Google? Do they have a hazing timer programmed into their code, so it is like boot-camp for all new and re-booted websites? Must be, because it doesn’t make a wit of difference if the publisher of the new site is an already “Google-trusted organization…” Go figure.

Since it is not a perfect world, if that demographic of the public that click ONLY on PPC ads were sent to a “re-education camp of hard-knocks” where they would be required to start their own business, commission a business website and then work furiously and wait months or years for their website to climb in search engine rankings and hopefully get to Page ONE for some of their hoped-for keyword strings, we speculate that our paid-only demographics would THEN appreciate what it means to claw your way to the top of search engine rankings and THEN they too would start clicking on organic search results. In that imaginary world, we would agree with our SEO-only brethren that they are right. Owners of businesses and law practices cannot blow-off marketing channels that produce measurable results in the real world.

SEO only is kind of a “feel-good concept,” as our clients are saddled with the practical reality and responsibility to grow a business or law practice and must use all the marketing tools at their disposal including SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing. Savvy business owners cannot ignore other useful and productive channels of the Internet and and simply discount groups of potential clients simply because they don’t value what organic rankings are all about. The fact that a serious slice of the population does not realize that websites that earn Google’s trust and respect to where they make it to Page ONE, and do not comprehend that those rankings are a significant indicator that the company behind the website is probably (1) longer-established, and (2) more experienced than some of the companies behind the PPC results on the same page. But again – We are discussing the advantages of PPC from the vantage point of marketing a business or law practice, and that means taking advantage of all viable marketing channels that will come together to get more clients and more cases.

We already dominate Google Page ONE – Why should we consider a PPC Campaign?

Even if your law practice website was launched in 1997 and you are almost always Page ONE for some keyword-strings, a companion pay per click advertising campaign may add significantly to your web conversions —due, in part, to those who could “give a rip” that you’ve earned your website rankings and in part because you absolutely cannot be Page ONE for ALL of the numerous variations of search strings that you will want to be found for.

New Company? New website? New Associates coupled with a new niche-marketing website?

PPC is always a valuable tool for any new law practice, new website, or to support a new legal niche marketing website that you are launching to support a new revenue stream for your practice. For one of our boutique-sized California law firms that has managed to grow throughout the devastating recession that took hold about Q4 2007 and continues on, —every time we complete a new niche marketing website, the founding partner cannot wait for a our new PPC campaign be launched to support that website and bring new clients and cases to the new associates they’ve added to their legal team especially for that law section and niche.

Get your Law Practice attracting more clients and more cases with a cleverly-designed PPC Campaign!

Getting the most out of Pay-Per-Click advertising seems easy – but it is actually very complex with lots of ways to get better results for lesser costs by knowing the minutia of setting up campaigns and leveraging quality scores and other inside baseball techniques. Hiring a professional PPC Campaign manager will result in money saved while adding new clients and cases from your web marketing efforts.

A results-driven, tightly-focused, Pay Per Click Campaign is one of the few cost-effective ways to grow your Law Practice. When coupled with a SEO-optimized Law Practice Website, and a social media marketing tie-in that will generate the traffic and rankings whereby your website will be found more often by more people “organically,” you will be covering THREE critical channels of effective Attorney Internet Marketing.


PPC gives you absolute control over pin-pointing EXACTLY who will see your ads.

PPC is particularly effective at putting your legal specialties in front of the exact people who are searching for you at the exact moment in time that they hit the enter key to initiate their search – PPC can be incredibly powerful~!

AUTHOR’S NOTE & DEDICATION: Years ago I had a construction and manufacturing company that added wine cellars and intimate private dining rooms to West Los Angeles and Hollywood area restaurants and installed high-tech armoire-sized and walk-in wine storage vaults in the homes of the rich and famous. Every morning I would have breakfast at “Patys Restaurant” on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, CA. At least once a week I’d have the pleasure to have conversation with comedian Jonathan Winters who also called Patys his morning diversion. Mr. Winters was not only a clever and funny entertainer, he was a skilled and adroit businessman. Jonathan passed away in April 2013 and he will be sorely missed:

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”
–Jonathan Winters

If your best-possible clients are not coming to you, you should to swim out to them. Google AdWords and BingAds will enable your law practice to swim out and meet your exactly-perfect prospective client.

Why Your Law Practice should have a PPC Campaign

Generally speaking, a law firm’s top priority and reason for being is to increase your client base, find better cases and generate profits while serving the legal needs of your clients. To be in a position to meet any of these goals you need to have your law practice FOUND by those potential clients that you specifically want to target: your legal niche. You need VISIBILITY by that perfect demographic of new clients that needs you – just as you’d appreciate them as new clients. You need a legal Internet Marketing Strategy that promises cost-effective results getting you in front of your precise target audience. Pay Per Click Internet Marketing is a marketing tool that assures that you get exactly what you pay for no matter if you are an unknown new lawyer or a 30-year regionally-recognized veteran.

Advantages of the Pay Per Click marketing model

The Pay Per Click marketing model is quite potent. The PPC legal marketing programs allows your law firm to target specific keywords –and strings of keywords— that would best be the common denominator of WHAT you do and WHAT your potential new clients are searching for. You know exactly WHAT keywords relate best to your law firm and your law firm’s geography. For example, if you specialize in DUI Defense in Miami, FL, a small sampling of the 100’s of keyword-strings might be:

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • DUI defense
  • DUI attorney
  • DUI lawyer
  • DUI law firm
  • DUI lawyer reviews
  • DUI Miami
  • DWI Miami
  • DUI defense Miami
  • DUI attorney Miami
  • DUI lawyer Miami
  • DUI law firm Miami
  • DUI lawyer reviews Miami
  • Miami DUI
  • Miami DWI
  • Miami DUI Defense
  • Miami DUI Attorney
  • Miami DUI Lawyer
  • Miami DUI Law Firm
  • Miami drunk driving lawyer

The nuts and bolts of a Pay Per Click Management Campaign

A well-designed PPC Advertising Campaign can match you to prospective clients geographically by telling the search engines that ANYONE searching for these DUI KEYWORDS in a 20-mile radius of YOUR Miami, Florida law office will see YOURS ADS when SPECIFIC words are searched for. If someone CLICKS on your ad, you pay. If your ad is seen but not clicked – there is no charge. When YOUR ad is clicked, the prospective client is taken to YOUR existing or new Law Practice Website. If the prospective client identifies with you because of your website’s message, hopefully they will call you or, if the visitor works after your business hours, they will respond to a live chat operator, or e-mail you to set up a consultation. Criminal Lawyers generally run PPC ads 24/7/365, while lawyers catering to elective legal services: bankruptcy, family law, divorce, business, tax, immigration, will often run their ads from the opening of business to 8 or 9 pm in the evening to accommodate those people who cannot call a lawyer from work.

To recap – the phrase “Pay Per Click” is very meaningful because as each new visitor is linked from the ad they responded to and then CLICKED on YOUR AD – their CLICK took them from the ad directly to your attorney website. You are then charged a fee for that visitor’s one click. The cost of the “Click Fees” vary dramatically depending on your keywords, your legal practice area, the competitiveness of that practice area, the number of other lawyers bidding on the same keywords at that exact moment in time and on and on…

We do the keyword research. We set-up and manage your PPC campaign within 72 hours.

Our services include researching and identifying the best keyword strings for your Pay Per Click Management campaign. We welcome your review and input and we want to work with you as a team we that we don’t miss anything yet at the same time keep your new advertising keywords focused so we will not not be shooting too-broadly from the hip either…

Benefits of a PPC Advertising campaign

The best benefit of Pay Per Click Advertising is that PPC produces immediate results. You can expect to see your Law Practice Website on PAGE ONE of search engine results without the wait of normal search engine optimization techniques to work your website up the charts “organically.” Then, of course, there is that whole demographic of potential clients who only click on PPC ads – so you should purpose to have some sort of PPC campaign as part of any comprehensive Attorney Internet Marketing plan.

Additional benefits of a PPC Advertising Campaign

There are a lots of benefits to a well-run PPC Campaign. Consider Radio Ads, TV ads and magazine and directory ads for a moment. Your ads in such mediums are cast far and wide to 99% of people who have ZERO legal needs. In a moderate-sized region such as Phoenix, AZ, you are blanketing about 2.3 million local residents when there are only about a 1,000 at any given time who could become a client of your law firm. Now look at the PPC model where your ad dollars are never wasted. The PPC model absolutely, positively puts the SEARCHER in touch with the SEARCHED FOR within the geographical limits determined by the lawyer paying the bill.

You are not wasting precious treasure on those who could care less or are never going to commute to visit you. In the Pay Per Click world, you get exactly what you pay for. You can set budgets as small as you wish as you learn the ropes and increase them if the funds your are spending are adding clientele and cases to your satisfaction. Many of our clients –not in the HUGE metropolitan cities but certainly in suburbia– budget as little as $50 to $100 per week. In New York City, Los Angeles, or Houston, a $500 budget per week is about the average – but the legal fees collected outweigh the cost or the program won’t make sense anyhow.

PPC Campaigns are Flexible and Adapt to your Schedule

Some of our sole-practitioners and smaller firms call us when they have a jury trial, and we simply “turn off” the PPC ads as potential clients often insist on talking directly with the attorney. Thus the PPC model is flexible. The benefits include setting exact not-to-exceed daily, weekly or monthly spending CAPS, setting days and times of ad display, the ability or “pause” the PPC ads during trials, vacations, or when your plate is just too full, and there are no long term obligations nor contracts.

It is a “smart play” to be BOTH Organically-Found and have a PPC Ad

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the three most popular PPC platforms – and as of August 2011 there are really only Google AdWords and BingAds as Microsoft purchased Yahoo – so all ads on Bing will also simultaneously be displayed on Yahoo Search. These 3 Search Engines represent 90% of ALL ONLINE SEARCHES! Yes, there are 100’s of little-know search engines but they are generally “search-partners of Google, Bing and Yahoo anyhow, and get their ads from the “Big-3.”

We provide affordable Pay Per Click Management for law practices

The huge and expensive PPC ad agencies will only take on the big accounts –companies that spend, at minimum, $10,000-$50,000 per month. Because we offer a well-rounded package of Attorney Internet Marketing services, we offer the same competent service and attention to minute detail as the big agencies –BUT with no minimums. We can put you in direct competition with your biggest and most annoying legal competitors. Let’s take some clients away from them!

If you are ready to get your message out there on a cost-effective Pay Per Click campaign, we can get you “UP & LIVE” is as little as 72 hours. Our management fees start at $6 per day ($199 / month) which is an incredible deal. There is $199 one-time only set-up fee as it may take as long as two days to set up a sophisticated PPC campaign and then $199 / month. That is it. The Clicks are charged to your credit or debit card directly – we do not pencil ourselves in the click stream as others do. We want you to get maximum value. Sign up here.

“The man who stops advertising to save money
is like a man who stops winding a clock to save time.”
–Thomas Jefferson

Get professional help with your Pay Per Click Campaign and get Page ONE visibility within 72 hours.

Don’t leave your Internet Marketing in the hands of an amateur. If your law practice wants to leverage your website traffic and increase client conversions by placing your AD directly in front of the local prospective clients needing your services, a properly set-up PPC Campaign is the solution.

Call us at (888) 900-9078 to get started marketing your law firm more effectively!

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