Social Media Marketing for Law Firms is not some new-age, hard to take advantage of fad…

Social Media is here to stay. These days, a lawyer’s clients spend more time on their computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones involved in social media than they watch television! This tipping point from hours watching TV to hours invested in social media happened in 2011. The trend is not just “young people,” it includes all age groups who are now hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube (yes, YouTube is a powerful social media site & search engine), LinkedIn, and reading blogs and aggregator sites that provide content and stories that interest your potential clients. Lawyers who simply have an initial profile set up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or other social sites, but have done nothing with them, are dropping the ball on growing their law practices. You have to become proactive and that means being active on as many of these sites as you or your staff can muster. The results could prove to be stunning!

California Example #1: Jackson and Wilson, Personal Injury Lawyers in California, CA are stellar examples of lawyers who understand the power of leveraging social media to grow their ultra-successful law practice! Blessings to these hard working lawyers and their families:

Jackson and Wilson have successfully leveraged Social Media to grow their California, CA Law Practice!

California Example #2: California DUI lawyer Thomas Wallin is a clever Internet Marketer. How many young nightclub-attending adults are fearful of having a drink or two and then driving into a DUI check point –if it could be avoided? Sure, we’ve had some criminal defense attorneys who would post a blog article about upcoming checkpoint locations (in California the information must be disclosed ahead of time), but Mr. Wallin has fully-leveraged Social Media to support his SIX Southern California DUI Marketing websites.

Thomas Wallin, is a clever Internet Marketer

When any of the 57,806 Fans of Thomas Wallin’s Facebook DUI Checkpoint Information page click on the “about” section they can then visit any of his six DUI marketing websites. Why six sites? Southern California is so big that many law firms must launch multiple websites in order to market their legal services to potential clients who live in different counties and often search at the county level when shopping for an attorney. For example: “Los Angeles DUI Lawyer,” or “Riverside DUI Defense Attorney.” This Facebook page is a HUGE marketing triumph. He grabbed and tied up the Facebook page name California-DUI-Checkpoints that is now taken off the table and not available for another DUI firm. Very clever!

Mr. Wallin has fully-leveraged Social Media to support his SIX Southern California DUI Marketing websites.

THE BASICS: Your Corporate or Marketing Website is the Center-Piece of your Social Marketing

Niches within a law sections - all Search Engine Optimized.Having a great looking, current-technology website is vitality important, but any lawyer who has some cuts and bruises from prior forays into Attorney Internet Marketing knows that a great website without traffic isn’t going to impact their revenue stream much. A CMS based website (Content Management System) is a great beginning as it will help draw traffic as EACH and EVERY page of the website has the power of the Home Page of an old-fashioned website. For example, we recently designed and deployed a CMS-based Probate and Trust marketing website that our legal content writers crafted 26 informative pages (averaging 900 words per page). Since EACH of the 26 pages was carefully crafted and SEO-Engineered to be found in our client’s geographical area for EXACT keyword-strings (BELOW), we are able to touch virtually every niche of Probate and Trust that our client wanted to attract new clients. Below are essentially 26 hooks searching for new clients:

  • probate and trust lawyers
  • estate litigation lawyer
  • inheritance rights
  • inheritance disputes
  • beneficiary litigation
  • fiduciary litigation
  • estate planning
  • will preparation
  • pour over will
  • estate administration
  • probate
  • probate litigation
  • probate disputes
  • probate administration
  • california probate law
  • probate costs
  • avoid probate
  • conservatorship
  • guardianship
  • trust administration
  • trust litigation
  • creating a trust
  • living trust
  • revocable trust
  • irrevocable trust
  • trust accounting disputes

The Power of a CMS Website – Those 26 Pages operate as if they are 26 Separate Websites!

Each of those keyword-strings (ABOVE) correspond to a website page that was specifically SEO engineered to be found for that page’s very specific topic. This is the POWER of a CMS Website! Every PAGE, every POST (Article) can be Search Engine Optimized to pull web visitors to that specific page having unique niche information within the law section that the entirety of the law practice website is all about. Visitors to this new Probate and Trust website rarely land on the so called “home page” – they land on the page that Google, Bing or Yahoo “served” them for their very specific web search.   MORE

Now, Let’s Talk about Social Media and how it “leverages” your Website & Grows a Law Practice

Social Media acts as a Force Multiplier for Law Practice Websites.LAWYER BLOGS – All of our CMS based Law Firm Websites have a BLOG Area (unless our client is not interested). If our client were to write a BLOG POST (aka: a short legal article) every week, the total investment of time might be one hour per week: 52 hours per year. But wait! That means that our Probate and Trust website that was born with 26 pages, now has 52 additional pages. So, a year later, the website has 78 “hooks” in the water looking to hook-up with new clients! Blogs were one of the first, pioneering “social media” marketing methods. They are still, hands-down, the BEST! Remember, each page of your website –that is SEO’d to be found– is like a fishhook dangled off a pier seeking to hook a new client for the law practice. After a year we have 78 unpaid, virtually no-cost volunteers each with their own fishing pole with baited hooks lining our Internet Marketing pier.   MORE

LAWYER FACEBOOK PAGE? – If a partner, associate, of-counsel, or even a trusted paralegal were to craft one article each week and then post it to the law practice’s website on the BLOG section, we can set up automated software that will “push and publish” that BLOG posting over to their Law Practice Facebook Business page. Now, we have 78 fishing poles on the pier PLUS an additional 52 more (for 130 hooks in the water) on what is arguably one of the BIGGEST Search Engines on the Internet: Facebook Search.   MORE

LAW FIRM GOOGLE PLUS PAGE – Google+ is a whole separate and critical discussion in itself, but for the sake of pretending it is just Google’s version of Facebook for now…

The goal of social media is to get you the clients and cases you are looking for Google+ should be addressed! We should also push these 52 BLOG posts to the law firm’s Google+ Account. That pier is getting crowded with volunteers holding fishing poles! Now we have 182 hooks in the water. Not only that, we are working new untapped marketing channels of the Internet with different and diverse demographics. Our social media efforts will be driving new visitors to our law practice website. Increased website traffic generates accolades from Google, Bing and Yahoo, so our rankings will, by definition, improve. Our costs of securing clients from the Internet will eventually drop as well. Money you might be spending on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can be cut back as FREE organic search visitors increase –thanks in part to social media. The goal of social media is to get you the clients and cases you are looking for with less trauma to your bank account. 

LINKEDIN – LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social media site and should be worked by all professionals, especially lawyers.

For lawyers, in particular, no other directory comes close to LinkedIn for networking.LinkedIn is a powerful networking machine and if you’ve been blowing off “invites” because you might not recognize the other professional reaching out to network with you, you are potentially being rude, possibly fostering bad press, and certainly missing out on marketing your law practice.

If you are ignorant about LinkedIn, read up on it. LinkedIn is the professional directory for the world. For lawyers, in particular, no other directory comes close. LinkedIn is where business professionals connect.

Things to consider about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn has over 202 million members in over 200 countries.
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
  • Over 800,000 legal professionals have profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Not connecting with people who ask you to connect with you on LinkedIn can be viewed as rude.
  • Ignorance of LinkedIn tells people you are not looking to grow professionally by networking with peers.
  • Ignorance of LinkedIn tells people you are adverse to technology.
  • LinkedIn is the first place many business professionals and other lawyers will go to look you up.
  • Many people do not rely on a lawyer’s website to review their background – they go to LinkedIn.
  • Not having a significant number of connections signals that you are not looking to network for professional growth.
  • When you Google a successful lawyer, that lawyer’s name will be on Google Page ONE in their LinkedIn profile in the TOP few search results – shouldn’t yours?

UPSHOT? – Social Media can be a Potent Force Multiplier for your Law Practice

Taking advantage of social media sites will work to boost your law practice’s online web presence. Many in the legal marketing world don’t understand this magnitude of the untapped power that is low-hanging fruit, free for the taking, with just a little elbow grease needed to take full advantage. Each social media profile is an extension of your website, multiplying your reach –not linearly, but like the Richter Scale –a logarithmic-scale: orders of magnitude –giving you the opportunity to bring prospective clients to your website, growing your practice and increasing your revenue stream. We cannot stress how important social media can be. That is why we try to package new or makeover website projects with a connected Facebook and Google+ account as a minimum Internet Marketing suite of marketing tools for a law practice.

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Social Media Marketing Leverages Web traffic and builds legitimate backlinks.

“Backlinks” are very much in the SEO News – Every Social Media Account links back to your website.

From an SEO perspective, it doesn’t hurt to have huge social media sites link back to your website! These social media backlinks tend to be very good for search rankings growth because of the low “bounce rate” — a term pertaining to website visitors who quickly click away from a website. Visitors riding in on inbound backlinks from your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ pages are not likely to quickly bounce out. There’s more good news. When you have your social media accounts set up and they mature for a time, it is also quite impressive when people “Google” your name or the law practice name and the search results list several results ALL about you and your practice displaying your various profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, some BLOG posts, and of course one or two instances of your website all there on PAGE ONE Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Check Out a Google Name Search for Criminal and Family Law Attorney Paul Wallin [I don’t believe that Paul Wallin is related to Thomas Wallin of the Facebook example above – but it appears that those named Wallin have good marketing genes]. Attorney Paul Wallin uses Social Media marketing and is quite successful for his efforts! You too can dominate your competitors and turn your law practice into a an Internet marketing force that takes no prisoners.

Check Out Paul Wallin Google Name Search. Paul is a professional at leveraging the web to market his law firm.

“Many a small thing has been made large
by the right kind of advertising.”
–Mark Twain

Get Professional Help with your Social Media set-up or have us run Your Social Media Marketing

Don’t leave your website design, critical SEO, or social media marketing in the hands of an amateur. If your law practice wants to leverage your website traffic and by extension increased new client conversions by setting up one or more social media sites, we can assist you in the initial set-up including the creation of branding graphics (called cover images) for Facebook and Google+, and install special Facebook APPS that will automatically take your BLOG posts and publish them to your Facebook account. If you want to outsource the whole project we can create unique and timely articles for your firm.

Call us at (888) 900-9078 to get better law practice marketing today!

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