Pay Per Click Management should be a key component of every law firm’s marketing plan

Pay Per Click Management for Law Firms offers PPC Pay Per Click management services for law firms looking for instant 1st page visibility on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our PPC crew will research the best possible keywords, write compelling ads to maximize clicks, and setup your PPC campaign to bring you new clients and cases.

The Value of Search Engine Marketing SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to advertising on the search engines through pay per click ad platforms such as Google AdWords or BingAds (that includes Yahoo Search Marketing). PPC campaigns are strongly encouraged for all law firm marketing efforts at some level.

NOTE: In the screen shot to the right our Real Estate Lawyer has a PPC Campaign. We are placing her consistently in Slot #1 of the Paid Ads. Our combined efforts at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are also beginning to pay off too. see how her site is displayed in the organic results on Google Page ONE? For other searches, she is slot #1 on organic as well. Our marketing is seriously kicking butt and our client will attest to that. Finally, notice too, that the attorney’s picture is in displayed the search results, suggesting her Google+ social media has kicked in, she is a Google trusted web property and that alone will help the site’s rankings in the months and years to come.

Pay Per Click marketing can produce instant results while waiting for search engine optimization to gain traction for organic results. Even when SEO does become effective, the nature of “search” coupled with intense competition will mean that your website will never be found on Google Page One for many of the keywords that are critically needed to attract and hook-up with the perfect client and coveted cases you desire.

Powerhouse websites that are stellar examples of SEO & Social Media Marketing have “HOLES” to be plugged.

The attorney whose screenshot is displayed above, asked us to “pause” her PPC Campaign while she took a 10 day vacation to the Northwest. Her phones kept ringing! Every day 2 or 3 calls from the website (we track website calls). She asked us if we remembered to “pause” her PPC campaign. We said “Yes Ma’am.” She said: “Don’t call me Ma’am.” Upshot? Her two websites had gotten some amazing SEO traction in the year we had worked as her marketing partner, but neither of us realized HOW WELL! That said, we are both convinced that 4 to 6 calls per day is better than 2 or 3, so we continue the PPC campaign AND our fine-tuning of SEO and leveraging web marketing by working her social media marketing channels.

Other benefits of running a PPC Ad Campaign

Advertising on Google AdWords or BingAds (including Yahoo Search Marketing) gives us amazing insights into who is searching, what they are really searching for (sometimes educating us about our initial assumptions), and helps us catalog valuable keyword data to help modify the SEO of the law practice’s website(s) for better results. Running the most modest PPC Campaign that might spend $100 per week imparts priceless data for our other marketing efforts.

Author’s note: I had a dear friend Garry, who I met after he bought Nancy Sinatra’s Hollywood Hills home. Garry, now retired, was a renown MD who loved emergency medicine and was the head of a big Los Angeles Area Trauma Center. He used to tell me that when heart attack victims were in his ER, their lives literally in the balance, he could always pinpoint their trade or profession. The scientists, doctors, and engineers wouldn’t be panicking so much but characteristically wanting to ask technical questions: “What does that tell you?” “Is that an EKG?” “What are my chances Doc? – give me a number, OKAY?” If you are that type of analytic person, we have another recent 3,000 word article on PPC Campaigns for Law Firms you might like:  READ HERE:  Pay Per Click Management for Lawyers

We provide affordable Pay Per Click Management for law practices

offers a well-rounded package of Attorney Internet Marketing services. We offer the same competent service and attention to minute detail as the big agencies –BUT with no minimums. We can put you in direct competition with your biggest and most annoying legal competitors. Let’s take some clients away from them!

If you are ready to get your message out there on a cost-effective Pay Per Click campaign, we can get you “UP & LIVE” is as little as 72 hours. Our management fees start at $6 per day ($199 / month) which is an incredible deal. There is $199 one-time only set-up fee as it may take as long as two days to set up a sophisticated PPC campaign and then $199 / month. That is it. The Clicks are charged to your credit or debit card directly – we do not pencil ourselves in the click stream as others do. We want you to get maximum value. Sign up here.

“The man who stops advertising to save money
is like a man who stops winding a clock to save time.”
–Thomas Jefferson

Get Professional Help driving targeted traffic to your current or new website.

Don’t leave your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign in hands of an amateur. If you need increased web traffic, more clients and cases, consider having us set up a cost-effective PPC campaign that will help drive web traffic, increase your site’s search engine rankings, and hook you up with the exact clients and cases that you deserve.

Call us at (888) 900-9078 to get started marketing your law firm more effectively!

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