Custom CMS Website for Lawyers give law firm owners and staff the ability to add & edit website content

You can add, edit or change content without paying an expensive programmer.Adding content or making changes to the content on most websites can be tedious or even require the frequent hiring and associated cost of a programmer. Attempting to make website changes yourself, without years of training and experience, can sometimes result in a website catastrophe. If you need to change content, update pages about your company, principals and staff, or desire to add content to your website for purposes of good SEO, you should consider a CMS website instead of a static website.

A Content Management System (CMS) Website allows for you or staff to edit or add content to your website from an easy to use administrative panel which is accessed with a user account and secured with a password. CMS Websites are extraordinarily user-friendly in that you do not need specialized HTML, PhP, CSS, Flash or other programming language training in order to add new pages, edit existing pages or delete specific content from your site. Say goodbye to pricey programmer invoices.

We Can Convert your Static Website to a CMS Website Design in Days –Not Months

Custom CMS Website Designs for Law FirmsIf you are currently saddled with an existing static website, we can convert it to a dynamic, user-friendly CMS website with the content management functionality you desire. For those who need a new website, we will create a custom CMS website design from your branding or help you create a branding, LOGO, style, and design that will set your business or law practice apart from a “canned” or cookie-cutter look with the CMS functionality you desire so that you or your staff can make changes to your website, operate a powerful connected BLOG or whatever special requirements you have.

If You Need Optional Functionality, We Can Add It

There are many powerful features that can be built into your CMS website including image galleries, calendars, lead generation tools, payment portals so you collect retainer and progress payments online, functionality that will allow your clients to upload documents to you, social network integration with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. You may also be interested in discussing search engine optimization (SEO) and Attorney Internet Marketing to go hand in hand with your CMS website design and deployment.

Specializes in WordPress CMS Platforms for Law Practice Websites

Our Content Management System (CMS) of choice is the sturdy and powerful WordPress platform.Our Content Management System (CMS) of choice is the sturdy and powerful WordPress platform. It is a serious database driven page management system that is powerful, secure, mature and stable. Moreover, it is no surprise that it is the platform of choice for the majority of all new business websites being designed and deployed on the web. WordPress allows our creative CMS website design team to start with a “blank canvas” on which to build any possible look or design and end up with a “custom-branded design” for your business or law practice. The WordPress platform is robust, yet operates efficiently, and plays well across all hardware platforms, Operating Systems and Browsers so that folks can view your Custom CMS website on their desktop, laptop, PC, and Apple; tablets such as iPad, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galazy, and the Microsoft Surface; smart phones such as iPhone, Android, Razr, Blackberry, HTC and others. The WordPress Platform is engineered to deliver perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with its English word Permalink structure and page-by-page SEO options.

What notable people and businesses take advantage of building CMS-Based Websites using WordPress?

Businesses – such as The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, TechCrunch, General Motors, UPS, eBay, Sony, Volkswagen, Nokia, GE, eBay, Network Solutions, BlackBerry, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, The Wall Street Journal, Carnival Cruise Lines, Pepsi, Forbes, Dymo International, PlayStation, Best Buy, Ford Motor Company, Samsung, Xerox, and Ben & Jerry’s are promoting their businesses using WordPress. Want more?

Celebrities – who, obviously, can pay for any type of website platform on the planet, but they too see the power and potency of the WordPress CMS platform including Howie Mandel, Snoop Dogg, Gabriel Iglesias, Dave Matthews Band, Blondie, Mötley Crüe, Jay-Z, Lolapaloza,, Rolling Stones, Felicia Day, Tom Jones, Paris Hilton, William Shatner, Jason Mraz, Russell Brand, Katie Couric, Justin Timberlake, Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs), comedian Margaret Cho, the 7-time Grammy winners: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the 2012 Grammy nominee: Katy Perry, singer Tom Jones, basketball great Kobe Bryant, always in-the-news Kim Kardashian, Perez Hilton, Charles Barkley, Jane Fonda, Martha Stewart, Sylvester Stallone, Rachel Maddow (The Rachel Maddow Show), Ryan Seacrest and more…

“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done.
Life’s too short to think small.”
–Tim Ferriss
American author, entrepreneur, angel investor

CMS Website Designs Mean that Every Page has the Power of the a Separate Website

Each page of a custom CMS website can focus on a different practice area or if the website is focused on a particular law section, each page can break down that law section into the little niches that potential new clients are sharply focused on and concerned about. Let’s take a look at a very cool Military Law Website completed in December 2012 after researching the competition and writing some 57 pages of unique content – almost 40,000 words (an authority legal site) and break down the discrete and separate pages of that website as an example how very specific we can be. Each of the following keyword-strings are the SEO focus of a separate and unique website page:

  • military paralegal
  • military attorney
  • civilian military attorney
  • court martial
  • general court martial
  • summary court martial
  • special court martial
  • article 32
  • military lawyer
  • military legal rights
  • domestic violence
  • unauthorized absence
  • awol
  • fraternization
  • adultery in the military
  • sexual harassment
  • officer misconduct
  • law of armed conflict
  • bah fraud
  • assault charges
  • dui charges
  • positive urinalysis
  • military rape
  • child pornography
  • administrative actions
  • article 15
  • non judicial punishment
  • board of inquiry
  • medical evaluation board
  • physical evaluation board
  • bcnr
  • correction of records
  • military law faq’s
  • marine corps base camp pendleton
  • camp lejeune
  • travis air force base
  • joint base lewis-mcchord
  • fort belvoir
  • fort benning
  • fort bragg
  • fort drum
  • fort hood
  • naval base san diego
  • eglin air force base
  • joint base langley-eustis
  • joint base san antonio
  • hurlburt field
  • naval air station fallon
  • marine corps base quantico
  • joint base andrews
  • joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst
  • naval station norfolk
  • joint base charleston
  • legal disclaimer
  • privacy policy
  • contact map to office
  • news (blog)

Content Management System (CMS) Website Design for Law Firm Websites.

Your Law Practice is a ‘Brand’ and your Brand needs to be Properly and Professionally Marketed

Our Custom CMS Website Design skills are superior to most design and develop agencies in the country. Our research and search engine optimization experience is as thorough as it is extensive and will add considerable behind-the-scenes value to your new CMS website Design; positioning your site to obtain the best possible search engine rankings against competing web properties in your quest for your firm to leverage the web for new clients and cases. We know what we’re doing and derive tremendous satisfaction for each and every website project we take on. We’re here to take your brand and elevate it to the position it deserves —at the top.

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Don’t leave your website design and critical SEO in the hands of an amateur. If your law practice website hasn’t been getting the job done, then your practice is suffering and missing daily opportunities. Get the clients and cases you deserve with professional CMS website design from .

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