Yes! We Take on the Occasional Business Web Design Project:   20% of our clients are NOT Law Firms!

We Design & Build Professional Websites for Businesses.A decade back we realized our calling was the Internet Marketing of Lawyers and their law practices. Difficult tasks. Uphill battles. Trials by fire. And through those trials we started having some serious success in an impossible market. It was exhilarating! Now we welcome the occasional Business Website Development project. We have yet to tackle the business that has any more fierce and aggressive competition as law firms experience. While we joke about having the “easier” website development project for the most any non-law business, we take your web development project quite seriously with the same determination and expectation of advancing your business against your competition by working with you to create an Internet marketing plan that will leverage the power of the web to grow your exposure and revenues.

The Difficulties Marketing Lawyers and How that Experience Makes Marketing ANY Businesses Easier

You get a call from a criminal Lawyer with offices in Los Angeles. He has an old website that was obviously pieced together by a college student in HTML with spinning envelopes on the footer and other embarrassments making the website look like something from the stone ages (circa: 1997). He did get a website URL to put on his business card (a right of modern day passage), but nary a client in all those years. He’s calling because he is once again going to take a bite at the online marketing apple. But he wants some assurances! Not many. In fact, only ONE. He wants an assurance from us that his new website will be on PAGE ONE of Google search results for the search term: “criminal lawyer” in the Los Angeles market. “That’s all he wants~!?,” whispers an incredulous associate with mischief in her eyes… I also have a bridge I can sell him.

After 13 years Marketing Law Firms, Business Website Development and Marketing is Pure Joy for the Crew

Los Angeles Valve ManufacturerHow much easier and more straight-forward would it be if we were asked to market a valve manufacturer in Los Angeles than that criminal lawyer! Consider the valve manufacturer that specializes in valves for public municipalities, large building developments, housing tracts, business parks, malls, etc. After years of marketing 100’s of virtually impossible clients (successfully), we can almost assure the owners and shareholders of this valve company that “Yes, we can predict and anticipate PAGE ONE results for numerous keyword-string searches with great confidence!” In this scenario, competition in Los Angeles for large valves would be very small; even in the great state of California we might only be battling a dozen web competitors —nowhere near the 200,000 California lawyers we are used to! Nationwide – we would have a great shot at our new client dominating their competition in Google Search for many PAGE ONE slots. NOTE: The term “Google Search” can be shorthand for ALL search providers such as Bing, Yahoo, Blekko, Yandex, Ask and others…

More about our challenging years of marketing Ice Cubes to Eskimos

Let’s take a look at a common request we receive: Consider the senior partner of a 50-lawyer law practice based in Los Angeles whose desire is to have their new website propel their firm to PAGE ONE search results when someone does a Google search. Oh boy! It’s all about the hard, cold reality of the numbers: it comes down to math. Consider that there are 68,408 lawyers in California District 02 which is essentially the greater Los Angeles area but with Ventura and Santa Barbara. If we take a closer look at JUST Los Angeles, there are still 52,244 active lawyers in Los Angeles according the The State Bar of California. Whoa~!

52,244 Lawyers in Los Angeles and they ALL want is to be on Google PAGE ONE

There are some old-school lawyers who started their practices in the 1970’s that will never have a website. But let’s be realistic. The numbers we hear suggest that 90% of law firms now have a web presence. The math tells us that if we throw out 10% of almost-retired counselors, our new client must still duke it out LOCALLY against 47,000 other Attorney Websites —ALL who want to be found on PAGE ONE of Google. Unfortunately, Google PAGE ONE only has 7 to 9 slots for FREE organic results to be displayed. That’s a tall order for an Internet Marketing Expert. But it can be done.

Years ago when The Tonight Show moved from New York to Burbank, CA Johnny Carson, who was a transplant from the east coast to the west coast would often joke during his nightly monologues about who he would run into in Southern California when out for a walk: car salesmen, real estate brokers and lawyers. And that’s the rub for Internet marketing people. But it can be done! We are really good at getting Law Firms found by new clients. We really enjoy the occasional business that doesn’t have so much ruthless competition and in such staggering numbers: the numbers of lawyers we battle on behalf of our legal clients are the size of whole Army divisions…

Johnny Carson nailed a common lawyer stereotype with one of his “how cold was it?” jokes!

“It was so cold that lawyers were running around
with their hands in their own pockets!!”
–Johnny Carson

OPEN for Business!

We welcome the occasional non-legal businesses for a Business Website Design.We’ll create a brand new site, redesign an old site or maintain your current business website and more. If you want a great-looking, well-engineered website in days, not months we welcome the occasional non-legal businesses: brick & mortar retailers, service providers, Realtors®, contractors, restaurants, etc. Give us a call, let’s see how we can better-market your business through great website design, experienced and skilled SEO engineering, social media marketing, and leveraging all the various web strategies that work together to propel you ahead of your competitors.

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
–Albert Einstein

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