Leveraging Social Media Sites like Facebook to propel your Law Practice to potential new clients

Facebook can bring you clients and referrals as you reconnect with old high school and law school classmates, colleagues, and friends.Lawyers who have never considered leveraging their exposure on Facebook are missing out on critical marketing opportunities to be found by potential clients who call Facebook their “home page.” Many people “live for Facebook.” When they log onto their desktop, laptop, or tablet their default webpage is Facebook. According to Businessweek, Facebook has ONE BILLION users. Smart business people will agree to be part of significant search infrastructures. It is simply GOOD business.

So what is Social Media For Lawyers? – Pretend you are a bankruptcy attorney. Two close friends are chatting away on Facebook about a mutual co-worker who was able to wipe out their unsecured credit card debt for a phone call and about a $1,000 one-time fee. Maybe they remember the attorney, maybe not, but these Facebook fanatics don’t leave Facebook to search – they use Facebook “Search” to continue their conversation. Are you there? Are you on Facebook to be FOUND? Are you a participant in the pool of attorneys to be found on one of the LARGEST search engines in the world: Facebook?

Lawyers and their spouses who use Facebook solely for personal reasons should reevaluate using a Facebook business page for marketing their law practice in a whole new demographic, and by extension, creating backlinks to their website and increased website traffic that will grow website rankings.

Facebook is a social media channel suitable for many law firms.

If you have 100+ Facebook Friends, you can enlist their help for a Facebook Business Page launch

For social networking sites, we suggest Facebook as an option if you are an extrovert with a hundred-plus “personal” Facebook Friends and the newer social site Google+ as a mandatory requirement if you an extrovert or an introvert (i.e. lawyers MUST play in Google’s sandbox or wither and die in Google rankings in the near future). If you have 100+ friends our experience is that they will help you with a Business Facebook Page launch. We talk to Criminal Lawyer who scoff at the idea that random people wil “LIKE” a Criminal Lawyer’s Facebook Page. “Why would someone who has be charged with a crime want to publicly “LIKE” my Criminal Law Page? They are absolutely correct. Let’s face it, a Megan’s Law client will not be “liking” anything, as they are probably forbidden to be “online.” But an attorneys’ friends and colleagues will LIKE an attorney’s new business Facebook page. Partners, Associates, Paralegals, staff, bar members, law school buddies, ALL will want to help out and get you close to that magic 100+ Facebook Friends. Once there, it will build –slowly– for sure, but it will grow as friends, associates, and some clients will want to support you by “LIKING YOU.” Those precious friendships will build your “social credibility” with potential new clients: not to mention just being on Facebook is like being on one of the planet’s largest search engines.


Should a Lawyer really consider a Facebook Business Page?

For those lawyers who need additional persuasion, here are a few critical reasons why lawyers should be on “findable” on Facebook:

  • Facebook can bring you clients and referrals as you reconnect with old high school and law school classmates, colleagues, and friends.
  • Facebook can help you re-enforce relationships with college school mates and legal colleagues via shared interests and activities.
  • Facebook Pages are fantastic marketing tools. Facebook business pages allow you to post articles, blogs, photos, videos that you might also post on your website.
  • Facebook can be an effective tool for investigating opposing counsel, defendants, witnesses, and prosecutors. It can be handy to be active on Facebook as an alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Facebook avails you access to information before hiring associates, paralegals, interns, and other job applicants’ by reviewing their profile, lifestyle, photos and everyday social activity. If police detectives use Facebook as a “standard” tool in their arsenal, shouldn’t you?
  • Facebook is a social portal where you can display your charitable activities, community involvement that might leverage your personal activities philanthropy into a potential client’s decision-making process to hire you.
  • Facebook can be useful for professional networking, marketing, recruiting, and branding. You may want to show pictures of your family, and civic events that are dear to you.

“So many businesses get worried about looking like they might
make a mistake, they become afraid to take any risk.”
–Mark Zuckerberg
Founder Facebook

We will be delighted to set up your new Business Facebook Account for your law practice

Facebook can help you re-enforce relationships with college school mates and legal colleagues via shared interests and activities.Using Facebook for professional reasons does not mean you should stop using your personal account for personal reasons. You should absolutely keep them separated and by fine-tuning the privacy settings on your personal account, your new business Facebook Page can be a stand-alone entity. We can quickly set up a Facebook Business Page that can automatically take articles or posts form your website and “post” them on your new Facebook account. Additionally, we have written some custom Facebook APPS that make all of this automated and easy for you or your staff. We also will create the graphic BANNER photo for your new Facebook Page and make sure that instead of Facebook.com/23123132 that your Facebook page will be approved for for a more powerful final URL such as:

  • Facebook.com/OrangeCountyTaxLawyer
  • Facebook.com/MilitaryLawAttorney

Call us! We will have your Facebook Business Page set up and “LIVE” in the next 48 hours.

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