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Law Sites Inc is a professional attorney internet marketing and website design company. Law Sites focuses on helping SOLO and Boutique sized law firms get new clients & cases since 1998. We design stunning, incredibly-affordable, Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites (new or makeover). Law Sites has been writing fresh, unique legal services content for overworked lawyers for almost 20 years! If your website in ‘thin’ on content, number of pages, or words per page, we are a resource you’ll appreciate!

Law Sites Attorney Marketing Services

Attorney Internet Marketing – requires a collection of connected Web assets before your phones will ring. For many lawyers, ringing phones will be a new experience.

Search Enging Optimization (SEO)In addition to having a primary website, your site will need some SEO efforts so it will be found. Next, you will need some social media accounts. Once potential clients visit your website, you need to convert them from visitor to client. Many lawyers have Law Sites install and manage LIVE CHAT on your website. You’ll be stunned how effective CHAT can be! You may want Law Sites to set up a highly-focused Google AdWords campaign. While having your website “organically found,” (for free) is ultimate accomplishment, while working to be found for pay-dirt ‘search-strings,’ new client’s search queries, for which your website has not yet ranked to Page ONE organically.

LAW FIRM SEO – Law Sites primary daily activity is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As experts in SEO, our diligent efforts in attorney search engine optimization marketing, results in our client’s websites being found on Page ONE Yahoo, Bing and Google Search Results (SERP) for numerous, profitable new-client searches. Some search-strings are more competitive in each geographic area (Los Angeles, Miami-Dade, Houston) and arriving on Page ONE takes longer. That said, once there, it is possible to remain there with a maintenance-level of ongoing efforts. SEO for lawyers is a business necessity. Moreover, SEO for lawyers works! The phones will ring.

About Law Sites - Attorney Internet MarketingSOCIAL MEDIA – To properly leverage the Internet, law firms must have some social media. If you are light in Social Media, Law Sites can quickly and expertly set-up (or dust off and co-brand) whatever social media pages you have and need to propel your digital marketing. Social Media includes: AVVO, FindLaw, Justia, Martindale, Nolo, Facebook for Business, LinkedIn, Google My Business (Maps), Google Plus, YouTube, Yelp, and Twitter.

LOGO DESIGN & BRANDING – In addition to attorney website design, we offer incredibly-affordable in-house graphics, LOGO design and branding using graphics. Creating an easy-on-the-eyes, visually pleasing LOGO, helps law firms to brand their online digital footprint. Our LOGOS are often so stunning and powerful, that our clients will use the new website LOGO on their brick and mortar business cards and stationery. Doing so ties the tangible and digital personas together.

Attorney Website Live CHAT ServiceAttorney Website Live CHAT ServiceOnce visitors are frequenting your site, we can provide you personalized onsite live chat help to offer your prospective “want it now” clients that personalize instant connection that our culture expects, doubling conversions over sites without “live personnel.” Our trained pros are ready to answer questions (as staff –not lawyers), offer reassurances and set-up personalized call-backs from you, your case manager, or staff. When visitors are looking forward to a call back they usually halt their “lawyer shopping” and you have every possible advantage to scooping up a client if you determine that their legal matter is a good match.   MORE

Law Firm Dedicated SSD Server Hosting – Law Sites provides the highest-quality attorney website hosting service available. We offer this service for our attorney website design and SEO clients as well as for law firms that insist on faster website loading so they too can rank well in Google Search Results. Our lawyer website hosting servers’ minimum STATS include:

    Law Firm Dedicated SSD Server Hosting

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 v4
  • Clock speed – 3.0GHzTurbo
  • 16 Cores 32 Threads
  • 20 MB CPU Cache
  • Front Site Bus 8.0 GT/s
  • 64GB ECC DDR4 Ram
  • RAID-5 SSD Hard Drive (Lenovo TS 710-8 Channel, 6Gb/s 1 GB NV Cache)
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage and CloudFront CDN Distribution
  • Built in Caching, Minifying and Image Compression
  • HTTP/2 With Push Capabilities

Everything You Need to Boost Your Online Presence

Law Sites custom-branded attorney websites, our expert attorney search engine optimization, our social media experience, coupled with some of our connected products and services, result in ringing phones and new clients. Many of our clients have never even had ONE new client from their years of having a published website!

If you have Law Sites overhaul your outdated website or build you a new website, you’ll be happy to learn that WordPress platform websites are easy to use. Law Sites on-page SEO services are included and attract legal services visitors to your site naturally by way of FREE, organic search. Each Law Sites attorney website site includes a BLAWG/BLOG, should that be of interest. Also, we can “co-brand” your Facebook business page, LinkedIn page, Google-My-Business page, Google Plus page, AVVO page, and others ‘visually’ to your website. Co-branding your Web assets takes full-advantage of the power of the Internet. Moreover, a co-branded look across all your Web platforms shows your potential new clients you are attentive to detail; as new clients will expect.   MORE

Our Law Practice Clients choose because:

1 – We Are Attorney Internet Marketing People

  • We learned long ago that a law firm website that generates phone calls is the result of initial research followed by a marketing plan of action. The design of an attorney website must take into account the law firm’s potential clients, and the law firm’s Google Page ONE competitors. Then we work to get our law firm client to be found on Google Page ONE for a variety of revenue-generating keyword ‘search strings.’ For example: “San Diego Employee Rights Attorney.” THAT is how you can grow your practice; measurably see increases in cash flow and profitability.

2 -Our Personal Service – We care. We listen. We research.

  • We to are ‘responsive,’ like the websites we design. We remain involved in your web project from start to finish. Our responsive websites and other services are unexpectedly affordable and delivered on time. Website emergency? We can have a solution in as little as 24 hours! Finally, we are not “template” people – we don’t do “one size fits all.” The cost and time for us to design for you a custom, unique website, is insignificant. We are good at this. Second nature. Don’t go cookie cutter. You’ll egret it.

Get Professional Web Design and Expert SEO from Law Sites Inc

Don’t leave your website design and critical SEO in the hands of an amateur. If your law firm’s website isn’t getting the job done, your practice is suffering. Moreover, you are missing daily opportunities. Other attorneys are getting new business. Give Law Sites a shot. Law firms of ANY size can establish a powerful online presence resulting in new clients and cases.

Professional Web Design and Expert SEO

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We are attorney marketing geeks – not obnoxious salespeople. Call us. We can talk over your goals and concerns in as much depth as you want to explore. Absolutely NO pressure. We won’t abuse your trust by making uninvited future return calls to your home, cell or back-office number.

Out late? Adult beverages brainstorming attorney marketing with colleagues? – That’s no excuse not to reach out. Marketing ones’ law practice is often an after-hours, over the weekend or late-night endeavor. No problem.

Feel free to reach out no matter the time. Text Keith at (714) 381-9025 (24/7/365). If available, he’ll text you back — maybe right now. All the crew members at Law Sites are marketing and coding geeks. Like lawyers, we too have crazy hours. No time like the present.


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